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SubjectRe: IP Masquerading and FTP?
On Sunday April 21 1996, I wrote:

> At around 1.3.80 or thereabouts, masqueraded FTP has stopped working for
> me. I know that the IRC and FTP masquerading portions of the code were
> turned into modules. So over the weekend, I made a concerted effort to get
> masqueraded FTP working. (Prior to this weekend, I was not using modules
> except on an intermittent basis.) The result: utter failure. Let me
> clarify. Modules work fine, but the ip_masq_ftp module doesn't seem
> to be doing anything.
> I am running 1.3.93 and have module support (and even kerneld support)
> compiled in. kerneld is working fine for me as it loads the ppp module
> as well as some other modules. IP masquerading is working also with
> the exception of FTP (and probably IRC, but I don't use that). kerneld
> is definitely not loading the ip_masq_ftp module. Even when I load it
> by hand via insmod, it still doesn't work.
> So what's the trick? How do I get FTP to work via IP masquerading?

Since then I've tried 1.3.94 which had some IP masquerading patches in it.
But the results are the same; I still can't get FTP/IP Masquerading to
work. As before, I've tried letting kerneld load the module and also
loading it by hand via insmod.


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