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SubjectRe: Ext2 Problem
From: "Ulrich Windl" <>
> On 18 Apr 96 at 14:03, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> > This is not really a bug in the ext2 filesystem --- *all* of the
> > filesystems store their magic numbers at different offsets.
> >
> > A clean solution to all of this would be to have the genhd code store
> > the partition type code in the partition table along with all of the
> > rest of the partition table's vital statistics, and then have the root
> > filesystem autodetection code use that type code as a hint to see which
> > filesystem it should try to mount first.
> Just an idea: There's a lot of room in the first cylinder (track?) of
> each new partition. For my SCSI 1GB disk these are 7MB per cylinder.
> Not even OS/2 boot manager needs it all. Now we need a good idea...

Way too complicated. Let minix_read_super check the contents of the
ext/ext2 magic number (offset 56) - if it's zero, it's really a minix
fs. If not, it's ext/ext2 or maybe xia.

Michael "Tired" Riepe <>
"Beware the storm that gathers here!" (The Prophet's Song)

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