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SubjectRe: Makefile changes for kernel add-ons
Robert L. Krawitz writes:
> What I think would be more useful would be a /proc/config that would
> contain a list of all options configured in (and perhaps all modules,
> too). Then the burden would be on people writing third party kernel
> software (modules or otherwise) to provide the appropriate
> configuration options.

This would be useful so that humans could find out easily what's
configured into the current kernel, too. Several times I've installed
the wrong ethernet drivers by mistake (all but one of my machines have
3c509's but one has a 3c503 and I always forget) and I once had a
pressing need to see if ELF support was compiled in to a current
kernel (no easy way to tell that I could see, without trying to run an
ELF program).


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