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    SubjectRe: 16 MB -> 32 MB, a memory problem resolved!
    > What I found out was that if I told the kernel I had 384 KB less 
    > than what I really had, the system would boot with nearly all of the
    > available 32 MB of memory, and the external cache as well.
    > I do not know why I cannot use the last 384 KB of memory. Maybe the
    > hardware is relocating something it needs to upper memory. The point
    > as I see it is that this kind of a problem demonstrates a variation
    > in way that motherboards are designed. Linux needs to be able to
    > work with as many of these different variations as it can if it is to
    > be a successful operating system.

    Some motherboards can relocate the 384k RAM that is leftover
    from making the I/O hole at 0xa0000-0xfffff, but most can't.
    What is worse, this feature _ONLY_ works with 16Mb or _LESS_
    installed memory (on most mobos).

    You should have this feature disabled. And get used to the
    idea the 384k is lost. It isn't Linux's fault, it is a mobo thing!

    Linux can't read your mobo manual for you (or the mind of the
    mobo designer). For that matter, no OS can (especially not Windows).

    -- Andrew E. Mileski --

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