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    SubjectRe: IP forwarding and ICMP redirects
    > (...)
    > #ifdef CONFIG_IP_FORWARD
    > /*
    > * We are a router. Routers should not respond to ICMP_REDIRECT messages.
    > */
    > printk(KERN_INFO "icmp: ICMP redirect from %s on %s ignored.\n", in_ntoa(source), dev->name);
    > #else

    > A, B (def. gw), C being routers, and D being a Linux router and terminal server.
    > Assuming thta A,B,C and D don't run a routing protocol, doesn't D need both
    > IP_forwarding and ICMP redirects processing for optimal use ?

    what happens with ICMP redirects that don't originate from your LAN ?
    i.e. I'm seeing ICMP redirects from a router in a different country :-0
    well, I guess that nothing will happen, since the packets will be routed
    through our local router anyway. but's it's funny to see those packets
    arrive :)


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