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SubjectRe: NFS still flakely in 1.3.71
On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Hmm, interesting. I am not able to repeat it, but there may be server
> differences. We have a linux NFS server here (with a rather recent and
> patched NFS deamon: the "standard" linux NFS deamon has some problems).
> What kind of setup is your server?

Could you translate "recent and patched" into a patch level, an ftp site
or URL? I'm planning on a try of moving the server cluster to 1.3.7x
around the end of next week and all five servers (plus a score of
workstations) revolve around NFS. A flakey NFSD would make for a *very*
short test.

Many thanks IA,

-Jonathan _ _
Jonathan A. Davis | Academic Systems Analyst | Hattiesburg/Gulf Park/Stennis
Computing Center | Box 5171 | 39401-5171 | (601) 266-4103 | | Linux: The choice of a GNU generation

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