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    SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system
    You've proposed that we agree on the term "Linux system" for the
    complete systems based on Linux, and give credit to GNU developers "in
    the second breath". That is a reasonable way of giving credit, but it
    has two drawbacks:

    * It is what most people have been doing, and that is what has led to
    our present problems.

    * The real issue is not giving credit, but encouraging the cooperation
    that we all need.

    I'm sure that if I let this issue drop, and let the issues of
    cooperation drift, we could all "get along" with no visible disputes.
    But this is because the substantive problems would quietly continue to
    grow. We need to do more than get along; we need to work together.

    People using almost the same collection of software have defined two
    different community identities--"GNU user" and "Linux user". And the
    people in one community tend not to make an effort to cooperate with
    those in the other. This suggests that the real root of the problem
    is in this social structure, not in the individuals concerned. To
    have more cooperation, we need to change the structure. We need to
    pay more conscious attention to our ties and common interests, and to
    the larger community that includes all of us.

    To effect a change, we have to do something different from what we
    have done in the past.

    I've proposed the term "Linux-based GNU system" as a way of doing
    this, because I think it is an accurate description. Other people
    have suggested the term "GNU-based Linux system". That too would
    promote cooperation, if people use it often. Both terms emphasize the
    relationship rather than implying separation and isolation.

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