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SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system

> I rue the day when H.J. gives up the mantle of maintaining the library side
> of a Linux GNU based operating system. It is patently obvious that the pace
> of Linux libc development is too fast for a centralised glibc, completely
> aside from comments already made about the 'pride' certain
> developers/maintainers take in their code and their unwillingless to accept
> patches that do not conform to their own coding style, blah, blah, blah ...

Please, no flames.

The FSF people are working in merging The Linux Libc into GNU libc
with help from H.J. Lu and from the Linux programmers for the
different ports. Roland McGrath, the guy in charge of the GNU libc
has now a Linux machine, he and Ulrich Drepper are working hard on
making GNU libc suitable for Linux users.


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