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SubjectRe: RMS
RMS had FSF sponsor a member of the Debian development team for about 6
months. I found (and still find) that his decisions were consistently meant
to further rather grandiose goals of FSF rather than the goals we had set
for Debian. For this reason, we declined to continue the relationship.
I agree that he's done good things for free software, and will probably do
more. However, in your dealings with him you must remain aware that whatever
he says or does is meant to further his own agenda, which probably isn't the
same as yours. He is not there to help your free software project - he's there
to build the GNU system according to his own plans.

Bruce Perens
Bruce Perens <> A campaigner for Clinton and against Censorship.
Toy Story: $183M and counting. At $184M it will beat the #1 movie of 1995.

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