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SubjectRe: infamous TODO list
jeremiah wrote:
> just sort of a stupid question here....going back to the 2.0 /1.4 release
> issue..
> does anyone know what the major peices added to the next major kernel
> versions are going to be...
> hpfs read and write etc...:)
> hfs built inot the kernel, things like that...i'm just kinda curious what
> i have to look forward to...

As author of the HFS module I am pleased to see that somebody has this
much confidence in my work :-). However, I don't plan to submit HFS to
Linus for inclusion until it is read-write. That way I deal with all
of the "is there a read-write version yet?" questions and all the bug
reports that show up when I make some major change to facilitate
writing. The alternative is that the "hfs growing pains" bug reports
end up in c.o.l.d.s or linux-kernel@vger.
At the rate that things are progressing for me and for Linus, I think
there is a reasonable chance that HFS will end up in the 2.2 kernel.
Anyone interested in keeping up with HFS development should take a
look at my "HFS for Linux Homepage" at
If you are interested in receiving e-mail notices of new development
snapshots as they become available, send me e-mail with a subject
line of "hfs snapshot list".
Paul H. Hargrove All material not otherwise attributed is the opinion of the author or a

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