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SubjectRe: Linux isn't an operating system
On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, Richard Stallman wrote:

> I call these collections "Linux-based GNU systems" to help promote
> unity and cooperation in the whole community. I hope some of you will
> join me in doing this.

I hope you will join us in moving this discussion to comp.os.linux.advocacy
and gnu.misc.discuss, to help promote unity and cooperation in the whole
community, as well as a spirit of love, acceptance, the Realignment of the
Planets and the unprecedented reappearance of the Fifth Mahdi. We can also
hope that this will move up the schedule for the Millenium, at least by
several weeks. In the absence of the above fortunate and extremely
desirable outcomes, it might simply serve to GET THIS OFF-TOPIC NOISE OFF
THE KERNEL MAILING LIST. [Emphasis mine. ;)]

:) lilo

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