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SubjectBeta tester report on 1.3.71
I've installed 1.3.64-1.3.71 on four systems now, 2 IDE, 2 SCSI, 3
3c509, 1 EtherExpress (the new driver works quite nicely). 2 systems
with local /usr, 2 systems with /usr mounted via NFS.

Over all I'm quite impressed with the latest 1.3 kernels and will be
upgrading my server to it shortly.

+ I've gotten signal 11's 3 times from a system with EtherExpress
while linking the kernel on an NFS partition (NFS server was running
a 1.3.70 kernel, NFS version 2.2beta14, with my auth_init.c patch to
+ The 1.3.71 sound driver does not seem to be able to deal with a
SoundBlaster Pro.
+ I could not get a 1.3.71 kernel to recognize a Racal NE1000 clone
ethernet card whatsoever.
+ iBCS does not work with 1.3.71, but I have not tried out the HACKER
version of insmod yet.
+ Using the sysv filesystem as a module doesn't do anything useful
with SCO filesystems (not that I was really expecting it to work).
I'll probably downgrade this machine back to SCO only, since I
haven't been able to make the digiboard serial card on it work
+ fdisk off the Slackware 3.0 installation floppies creates disks with
partition tables in the reverse order that SCO expects, so one
cannot have SCO and Linux coexist on the same disk.
+ Using a CDROM attached to a sound card (and the sbpcd driver) is a
losing proposition in all respects:
1) The driver must be customized by direct modification of kernel
sources. This is unacceptable.
2) The newest versions announce support for CD200F, except that
nothing can be done with them:
# lsmod
Module: #pages: Used by:
isofs 5 0
sound 23 0

At boot:
Mar 4 23:09:23 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [01]: sbpcd.c v4.2 Eberhard Moenkeberg <>
Mar 4 23:09:23 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [02]: Drive 0 (ID=0): CD200F (0.01) at 0x230 (type 1)

With a Slackware CDROM in the drive
# mount -r -tiso9660 /dev/sbpcd /cdrom
Mar 6 11:02:19 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [03]: TocDesc: 00 01 01 00492129
Mar 6 11:02:20 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [04]: TocEntry: 00 41 01 00 00000200
Mar 6 11:02:20 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [05]: TocEntry: 00 41 01 00 00000200
Mar 6 11:02:21 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [06]: ioctl: CDROMMULTISESSION done (0, 00000000).
Mar 6 11:02:25 riker kernel: sbpcd-0 [07]: bad cc_ReadStatus after read: 00
Mar 6 11:02:26 riker kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 19:00, sector 64
Mar 6 11:02:26 riker kernel: isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev 19:00 iso_blknum 16

Perhaps this is just a bad Soundblaster Pro, I don't know.

+ I haven't ever seen the Socket destroy delayed message, although
I've gotten plenty of eth0: interrupt missed messages on every
machine I've put pre-1.3.71 on. These messages have disappeared
with 1.3.71.

Hope this has been useful.

-- baur
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