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SubjectRe: 1.3.71 Socket destroy delayed
Bob Felderman ( wrote:
: Still occurs and appears to hang netperf.
: I can make it happen with loopback on a Pentium
: or between pentium machines.
: Interestingly, if the Linux machine is only a sender, then
: netperf works sucessfully, but I still get the
: Socket destroy delayed message.

I have a P90 and a P100, both running 1.3.70 (gcc 2.7.2) with AMD
Lance-based ISA Kingston NE2100 cards. The P90 gets tons of "Socket destroy
delayed" messages. The P100 never gets them. Both motherboards use the
Intel Triton chipset, but I'm not sure what brands they are (I think the
P100 board is American Digicom). I put an SMC PCI ethernet card in the P90
and the error frequency dropped from several a minute to about 4 per day.
Hope this helps...let me know if you need more information, anyone...


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