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    SubjectRe: Slow PPP - caused by duplicate packets?
    > It _looks_ like the other end is ignoring our first ACK, so it times out, 
    > and then sends the packet again. And then we ACK it twice (that's normal
    > linux behaviour - there's the "normal" ACK, and then there is an extra
    > one that comes from the fact that the linux TCP code decides we'd better
    > ack again when we got a packet re-sent).
    > Now, WHY is Solaris ignoring our first ACK?

    Is our first ack falling out of the cable, or not being sent or
    something like that.

    > Alan, any ideas? The other end would be perfectly right in ignoring our
    > packets if they get sent out with the wrong checksum, for example. Or
    > maybe the compression code (both cslip and ppp use the same code, no?)
    > has problems and "compresses" the packets to something unrecognizable?

    I'd like to see the other end's view of the data. It could be a bug
    below the level tcpdump sees.


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