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SubjectEject, Rebooting, Shortcuts, kernel bloat
Is there a safe way to reboot the system, making absolutely sure that the
file systems get unmounted before the system is restarted? I always have
one partition that needs to be re-e2fscked each time on startup, probably
because the processes that were using it were not terminated properly
during shutdown and the filesystem wasn't unmounted and marked as clean.

And why is it that certain processes can go dead and not even kill -9 can
remove them? How about having a ctrl-scroll-lock option that would list
all the processes and allow you to move up and down with a scrollbar,
highlight the process you want (giving status information) and zap it if
need be. Also, is it possible to have a process running that would NOT be
listed with ps -x? I've heard it could be done. I would feel much better
if the kernel could tell me exactly which processes are running, and give
me the ability to zap or -SIGHUP them with ease.

I don't see any security risk with having this kind of option freely
available through a hotkey (i.e., even if root isn't logged in on a VC)
because anybody can hit ctrl-alt-del and insert a bootdisk and get full
access. Actually, maybe we need a compile option to remove ctrl-alt-del
all together. Then there is the issue that if a QuickBoot (similar to
QEMM) feature were to be put into the Linux kernel, and ctrl-alt-del were
to be used, that would bypass a possible BIOS password check that would
have the A: boot drive protected for extra security.

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