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SubjectProblems With Kernel Compiling on V1.2.13?

I hope this isn't one of those really stupid RTFM questions, but here it
is anyways:

I just recompiled my 1.2.13 kernel (slackware 3.0), for the purpose of
including IP forwarding, Multicasting & accounting. I also hoped to get
my CD Rom drive and Sound card supported this time around too (I've done
this a half-dozen times before on other machines, never had any problem).

I did the standard make config, answered the questions (properly I would
assume), make dep; make clean; make zImage, and the compiler-suite takes
off, and compiles and makes the target, no complaints warnings, errors,
etc., but when I try to boot the kernel (from the test copy on floppy, of
course!), it begins booting and makes it all the way through to where it
should mount the local disks and says:

VFS: Kernel panic. Cannot mount root filesystem. 3:01

Whats the deal? I tried manually setting Swap dev and Root dev; no go.
Could it have something to do with the harddrive support I chose during
make config? Is it possible to select the wrong IDE?
(I have extended IDE).

"Every Day, from here to there, funny things are everywhere."
-- The Late Dr. Seuss

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