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    SubjectRe: Kernel 1.3.76 ref CDROM

    On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Shawn Rutledge wrote:

    > > Thanks for suggestion and all is now fine -- first unmount cdrom and
    > > then one can unlock the CD and replace with another and remount!!
    > > Thanks again!
    > So your CD won't let you open the drawer until you unmount it? That's
    > interesting. It got me thinking, wouldn't be neat if when you unmount the
    > drive, the drawer opens by itself, and if you try to mount a drive whose
    > drawer is open, it closes by itself. I guess the automounter deamon takes
    > care of the case where you close the drawer by hand, and the CD automatically
    > is mounted, right?

    Just for your information the NEC 3x SCSI internal CD-ROM is such on i.e.
    it doesn't ejects the caddy till it's mounted.

    Best regards, Stefan Stefanov.

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