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    SubjectRe: 1.3.76: pine startup freezing.
    I can't duplicate this with 1.3.75 and pine 3.91

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    On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, root wrote:

    > When doing an rlogin to a user account from 'root' on my machine running
    > 1.3.75 or 1.3.76 and immediately starting 'pine', it consistantly freezes
    > at this poing while chewing up CPU resources. Anything 'nice'd will no
    > longer get to run.
    > I have to kill -9 the 'pine' user process to free the shell. After this
    > is done, immediately executing 'pine' works. The problem consistantly
    > occurs under a VT and under an xterm.
    > Perhaps this might have something to do with the what I reported earlier
    > (but didn't seem to generate any discussion or response) with the LINES
    > and COLUMNS variables in a newly started 'bash' shell not reflecting
    > their true window dimensions.
    > Greg.

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