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SubjectRe: 1.3.75: TCP broken for real!? Maybe not.
> Laszlo Vecsey ( wrote:
> : I have an AMD lance based card... I had to boot up with 1.2.13 redhat boot
> : disks because the 1.3.75 kernel that I compiled refused to use the
> : network! ifconfig looked normal, but I was unable to ping sites
> : successfully. I guess I'll have to go back down to 1.3.74 until this is
> : fixed.
> Same problem here. I use a WD8003 in a Pentium running 1.3.75 and an
> NE1000 in an 80386 runing 1.2.13. If I pinged the Pentium from the
> 386, ifconfig on the pentium showed only erroneous received packets,
> not even one good packet. TCP and UDP also don't work anymore.

I have 1.3.75 working now, I haven't determind what the problem was.
After messing around with libc, binutils, ldd, and all sorts of TCP
config settings in the kernel (I was attempting to narrow down the
problem) I finally got it running! Unfortunately I don't know what was
causing the problem :> It might have been the multicast mbone support,
firewall option, or possibly the experimental pgcc 2.7.2p I was running.
In any case, after 30+ hours of recompiles I'm now running with libc
5.2.18, binutils .10, and 2.7.2p l8 and the AMD lance networking is fine
(with network alias support)

Anyone know why libc-5.3.6 doesn't come with updated /usr/lib/crt1.o crt*.o
files? I can't compile any programs with libc-5.3.6.bin.tar.gz installed.

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