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SubjectRe: nfsroot anyone?
> I'm going to take a look into this ASAP. However, I don't think implemen-
> ting BOOTP into the kernel (as with 1.3.75) is such a good idea. It blows
> up the kernel binary for being used just once. This should instead go into

This is part of a global Linux memory/segment planning problem. There is no
way to put all the init code into a discardable memory area thrown after

> the bootrom, which then sends the necessary parameters from the BOOTP

The floppy disk drivers on our campus for example lack a boot rom ;)

> user process. So, why should we implement BOOTP into the kernel? IMHO, we
> should discuss this further.

For non boot rom cases. I hope as bzImage/modules gets further a discardable
bootp will be practical


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