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Subject1.3.72 and quota.

I just tried out quota's with 1.3.72 (I had the option long time in the
kernel, actually I have tried 1.3.72 at school, and 1.3.59+m6+SMP at
home, but had never the time to fetch the utilities and make it work.)

I fetched it from

I had problems compiling them, I had to patch them, so that the programs
include kdev_t.h and wait.h in KERNEL context.

Another thing that I noticed is, that the system shouldn't hang, just
because quota.user is invalid (my first try was touch quota.user ;
quotaon, which made repquota/quotacheck hang :( )

Andreas Kostyrka
Fax: +43/1/7070750 Tel: +43/1/7077571, +43/664/3020166 (cellular)
Copyright 1996 Andreas Kostyrka. Microsoft Network is prohibited from
redistributing this work in any form, in whole or in part.

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