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SubjectRe: CONFIG_PNP: Please change the name
>> One of our engineers is busy adding PnP to our ISA WAN board. He thought
>> the system was quite nice. After reading the specs from Intel, I also
>> thought is was a good system. Why do you think its useless? I would
>> be very interested in any pitfalls you are aware of.
> My personal experience borders on the disaster side.

Funny - I haven't even FINISHED Linux support yet :-)

Don't pin judgement on the Linux project when you're using an
INFERIOR Plug-and-Play implementation on a lame OS like Windows95
or DOS.

But *DO* voice your opinions on what you *WANT* the Linux
implementation to do/not do. I'm *ALWAYS* open for suggestions.

> Plug and Play is nice if the automatic answers work. If not
>they are a disaster.


Get a DECENT PnP implimentation on a DECENT OS with software
configurable devices (PnP, PCI, PCMCIA, EISA, MCA, etc.) and
you'll have fewer headaches.

-- Andrew E. Mileski --
"The best programmers are lazy", so I'm told.
I haven't gotten around to seeing if it is true or not though.

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