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SubjectRe: Is anyone using EXT FS
On Thu, 14 Mar 1996 wrote:

> > > Can we get rid of the ext fs?
> >
> > We can, but we shouldn't.
> >
> > The ext filesystem is useful as a reference, to show where ext2 came
> > from, and illustrate what to avoid when creating a filesystem.
> >
> that is true, but there is a question of whether every academically
> interesting or useful to kernel programmers should be included in the
> stable production kernel source.
> if linux is to be truly successful, there has to be some consideration of
> what actual users are interested in.
> and as interesting and useful as the ext fs may be from a programming
> perspective, the general public does not, in short, care.

If you don't care, just do not compile it in. The whole fs directory
makes up for less than 0.05% of the kernel tree, so why no bear with it ?
Beside, I'm sure it's very interesting for a lot of people...

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