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SubjectRe: init bug / crash recovery
In article <>,
Alex Krimkevich <> wrote:
>I needed to bring my system into the single user mode, so, I typed 'su'
>in the xterm window, logged in as root, and typed 'telinit 1'. After
>having finished with the single user mode, I typed 'reboot', but the
>system never came to life. It was failing in the late stages of
>kernel bootstrap, apparently being unable to mount the root partition,
>which got corrupted along with the rest of the partitions.

[complaints about slackware deleted, it's simply not a good distribution]

>The last one, not the least one,if there is a reason why
>telinit [0123456sS] should not be used, at least under X, it should
>be reflected in the documentation in a very explicit way. I guess
>something like :
" Dont dry your cat in a microwave" , is that it ?
Init is cannot be responsible for any filesystem corruption since it
wont do anything with the filesystem. If you know what you are doing
by going to single-user mode it's ok.
Why did you type reboot instead of shutdown -r as what you are supposed
to do ?

>in the very beginning of telinit/init man page would be very appropriate.
>I seriously doubt, that I am the first one who is writing about this
>problem. Most likely it has been posted to one of the Linux newsgroups.
Not that i remember.

>The problem is that the people who do not have troubles with there
>systems tend not to read Linux newsgroups on the regular basis. And
>I am sure those are the majority. The only way to keep these folks
>posted about the well known problems is through the warnings in the man
>pages. A file, let's say DO_NOT_DO_IT, with a list of things not to
>try in /root or /etc would help too. Or better yet, along with the
>"Welcome to Linux" mail, the user should be receiving a warning
>message. And I am not talking about things like "Do not do 'rm *'
>while root",I am talking about the things that behave fundamentally
>different under Linux as compared to commercial Unices.
I am sorry but i cant get your point. If you start to disassemble your
car dont accuse the maker of the hood that it's dangerous to open.
My guess is that you did something else which ruined your partition.
This has nothing to do with init.

>Alex Krimkevich,


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