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SubjectRe: A dos based Linux system
Jurgen Botz:
Well, the idea is not so far-fetched... obviously calling it a "DOS
extender" is stretching the term (beyond its elasticity), but the
idea is that app vendors /could/ use this approach to sell their
Unix packages to DOS users without having to port them... just ship
it with a UMSDOS based Linux kernel (with all drivers as modules),
shared libs and a special init. Details of how to make this work
left as an exercise to the reader.

Note that a standard init could be used, as long as the system
initialization code (naming details depend on which particular init)
was configured for the application. [Note that dos command line
parameters can be made to show up in environmental variables in linux
-- all it takes is a batch file to call loadlin{,x} that declares the
appropriate variables.


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