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SubjectRe: random errors NFSROOT mount

> I am trying to setup a PC as a diskless Linux machine, by booting a kernel
> with NFSROOT enabled from floppy. I have configured the IP addresses with
> Linux command line parameter NFSADDRS, and the root directory that should
> be mounted with NFSROOT. This directory resides on an HP-UX box (HP-UX dutettf
> A.09.01 A 9000/710), and the Linux kernel that is being booted is 1.3.71.
> Now this has worked a number of times, but more often not, and whether it works
> or not seems not to be deterministic, at least on the face of it.
> The error occuring is the server returning 'access denied' for the root
> directory that is to be mounted. When I try to mount the same directory on the
> same server from the same PC, but with PC-NFS under DOS, it works all the time.
> This puzzles me.

> It seems that in the mountd server log on the HP, some of the times that access
> was denied, the name of the directory that had to be mounted is logged _with an
> appended LF character_. But not every time. So possibly some mount-point-name
> mangling is happening somewhere along the way???
> If anyone recognises what I am talking about, or has an idea of what is wrong,
> or has a suggestion as to what I could try, please drop me a line.

Well, it would be good to boot Linux from a floppy and try to mount the
directory manually using the "mount" command in order to test if it's a bug
in the NFSroot code or in the NFS implementation itself. It's also possible
it's a bug in HP-UX.

Martin Mares

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