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    SubjectRe: 3com 3c5x9 interrupt misses
    On Fri, 8 Mar 1996, mlord wrote:
    > > Since version 1.3.68 there have been multiple error messages ranging from
    > >
    > > "eth0: Missed interrupt, status then 2011 now 2011 Tx 00 Rx 3bb2."
    > > (replace the last hex number with any value)
    > >
    > > to a brutal "Segmentation fault."
    > Ditto here, except no segfault yet.

    I too saw this message during some FTPs during my little 3c509 (non-b)
    test using 1.3.72. They happened several times (up to 3 times during 1
    1MB transfer, gets only I think), slowing the transfer down. But they
    went away after a few minutes and I saw no segfaults.

    After the tests I went back to my cheap AMD PCNET card, which beat the
    3c509 in the tests by a few percent, and which has never had these
    messages despite heavy use under 1.3.71 (4 days) and 1.3.72 (1 day). This
    is rather unsurprising as the PCNET card is busmastering, plus has a much
    bigger buffer onboard.

    I also got the "socket destroy delayed" messages at boot time back in the
    late 1.3.60s, but whatever they meant they did not seem to hurt anything
    and they have gone away since then., VA USA
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