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SubjectRe: VFS Problem: close returns void

On 5 Dec 1996, Derek Atkins wrote:
> However, in my mind, the best solution would be to
> change the VFS close() [oops -- release()] method to return an int
> instead of returning void. Then the filesystem would have a way to
> return errors.
> Luckily, this is only an in-kernel issue, the libc interface will
> DTRT. Unfortunately, it would require changing all calls to the
> release() inode operations everywhere, which is in a lot of places (I
> haven't done a thorough check). It would also break filesystem
> modules. However, I'm willing to live with that (and I maintain one
> myself, AFS), since it will fix these problems in the long run.
> I'm willing to create patches and supply them to Linus, if people
> (Linus?) think(s) it's a good idea.

Since there's another AFS-like filesystem shortly to be available for
Linux, I think this change would be much appreciated.


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