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    SubjectRe: dmsdos success story :-)

    Daniel G. Linder <> wrote:

    > On Thu, 26 Dec 1996, Don Fisher wrote:
    > > Is it time to suggest adding this to the kernel source tree? For us
    > > with laptops and limited disk resources, this is a valuable addition.
    > > * Don Fisher

    > On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Egor Egorov wrote:
    > > No, there is a better thing in the world. There is chattr +c for ext2
    > > filesystem, and there is a package, that adds support for this feature in
    > > the kernel.

    > I think Mr. Fisher was refering to adding in the compressed MSDOS
    > filesystem support into Linux. The compressed ext2 is a neat feature
    > that I have not played with and should be usefull for limited LINUX
    > systems, but that does not help if the system has to access a compressed
    > DOS filesystem. Linus et. al., I would like to second the addition of
    > the dmsdos compression into the 2.1.X kernel ASAP. (Maybe even add the
    > ntfs as an ALPHA option?)

    I too would like to support adding dmsdos -- as an ALPHA option still,
    because functionality is still changing (Stacker 3 rw to come, maybe
    some speedup tricks). The need to get stuff from compressed dos fs
    is one we'll have to live with for a while yet (and if 3D graphics become
    a reality, we may have to compress our 4G drives ;-)

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