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    SubjectRe: AMD

    A small piece of information that should help to clarify matters.

    AMD have renamed the AM5x86 series of chips. They are now
    designated AM486DX5, also they no longer have the -Pxx suffix but
    have -PRxx (Performace Rating) The chips are being 'repositioned'
    for the embedded market and they wanted to avoid suggesting that
    they are related to Pentiums and their attendant heat problems.

    > ----original message from follows----
    > Does anyone know much about AMD chips?... I am looking arround and found a
    > decent deal on a AMD AM5x86-P75...
    > Are there any major differences between this and a noormal pentium... will
    > linux like it? more? less? different?
    > Thanks!
    > -Chuck
    > (717)-337-8212
    > "God is real, unless declared integer."

    Martin Poole, Perot Systems Europe

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