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    SubjectLinux on a MCA-NCR 80386

    Hello guys,

    I'm trying to boot a kernel on a NCR 80386 with MCA.

    First step: I've compiled a kernel on my other Linux-Box (80486 VLB etc.).
    I took the source from 2.1.16, since the MCA patches are in this source
    tree already.

    First problem: it's not possible for me to compile the kernel with only
    MCA-support include and PCI-support not. GCC complains about things he was
    not finding while compiling bios32.c -- so I went and included PCI-support
    too. Fine.

    Next problem: the compile went trough and left me with a about 12kB (no
    typo!) big zImage (make zImage). As I don't want to upgrade all the things
    mentioned in Documentation/Changes, I've looked around in the source to
    find the difference between 2.1.16 and 2.0.25. I found it in
    arch/i386/Makefile, line 31. There it says 'IMAGE_OFFSET=0xC0100000' and
    I've changed it back to 'IMAGE_OFFSET=0x100000' as it was in 2.0.25. Now I
    get a zImage which is about 415kB big. Very nice.

    Let's cat arch/i386/boot > /dev/fd0 and try the new kernel out (I'm just
    interested whether it's booting). But the only thing that happens:
    Loading ...........................
    Uncompressing Linux...done.
    Now booting the kernel
    And finished. The computer now completly hangs, nothing happens and if I
    had not switched it off, it would still display this message (by the way:
    I've also tried bzImage).

    Now my questions:

    o Is it really necessary to include PCI-support into an MCA-kernel?

    o Why is the MCA-kernel not booting? I expected it to initialise
    the console, at least.

    o I'm currently using:
    gcc 2.7.2
    libc 5.2.18
    Which one of these do I *really* need to upgrade in order to be
    able to compile the kernel 'out of the box' (read: w/o changing

    or alternatively

    o Are there other parts of the kernel which are affected by my
    change of IMAGE_OFFSET in arch/i386/Makefile?

    Thank you very much for every advise or hint. Additional info on kernel
    config or hardware of NCR-MCA machine are available on request.

    'Mery X-mas' is outdated now, but I wish you a happy new year.


    -- Philipp Frauenfelder home: --
    -- Tel./Fax: +41 1 850 54 64 school: --
    -- Member of the Linux User Group Switzerland -- Student at ETH Zurich --

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