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    Subject2.1.17: masquerading still broken

    Hello All!

    I'm wondering if IP masquerading is working for anyone out there,
    past 2.1.8. If anyone has it working, could you offer to help me see what
    it is that I've done wrong? FWIW, I hope we're not phasing out the
    feature; it's really useful to a lot of people! If it's on indefinite
    hold, we might want to consider removing the option from the configuration
    process(?). Anyway, I tried applying the posted fix (against 2.1.14), but
    that didn't work any differently. Any advice? Or, is "be patient" the
    best thing for me to do right now?

    Thanks for consideration, and Merry Christmas to you!

    # B. James Phillippe # Network/System Administrator #
    # <> # #
    # Finger for PGP key # Enlightened since era 1.1.59 #

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