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    SubjectRe: 2.0.0/2.0.25 oopses with buslogic 956C and two 4G seagates ...

    "A month of sundays ago Leonard N. Zubkoff wrote:"
    > The BusLogic driver will definitely compile with CONFIG_PCI set to NO. Until
    > now, I've never provided a mechanism to disable the PCI probing via command
    > line arguments. I've always just told people to not define CONFIG_PCI, since
    > if the PCI BIOS is broken, it doesn't affect just the BusLogic board. I'll
    > think about whether such an option would be worthwhile.

    I think it is needed for diagnostic purposes.

    Also, right now, I need to figure out how to make a custom slackware
    bootdisk with the decompressing ramdisk trick in it. I could get away
    without figuring out how if I could use a buslogic=pci:no line to the
    one you supplied. So I would have really liked that option!

    (if anyone already knows how to make a S/w bootdisk with a
    decompressing ramdisk, please let me know :-).

    > You can turn it off with "BusLogic=TQ:Disable" on the command line. Chances

    Is it "BusLogic" or "buslogic"? DOes it matter? Anyway, I'll be trying both.

    > control how aggressive the tagged queuing is by booting with "BusLogic=0,N"
    > where N is the number of simultaneous commands to allow. I'd try 15 or 7, but
    > only if you have trouble with the default (28).
    > Leonard

    Thanks again!

    Peter T. Breuer
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