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    SubjectRE: Core Dumps & Restarting
    I am currently investergating the posability of a research project in
    this area (Resistant Storage in Operating System Recovery).

    I will be using linux as a base for my work which will involve try to
    get a system to halt and restart as if nothing had happend, and also the
    possability of creating two indpendant machines that act as one so that
    if one crashes the other can pick up and continue with out the
    applications noticing.

    If any body has any idears of suggestions or knows of any other work
    that is being done in this field please let me know.

    Timothy Peters
    Senior Software Engineering Techinician
    School of Engineering & Technology
    Nene College
    St Georges Ave
    NN2 6JD
    (01604) 735500 Ext. 3112

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