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    SubjectRe: CORE dumps...
    > > The "core" files are dumped program cores, i.e. they contain complete
    > > status and memory info from a running program which crashed. It is
    > > intended for debugging purposes. I believe it can be loaded with the GNU
    > > debugger, but I haven't messed with that yet.
    > BTW, how do I disable this feature ? If a program dies, I get "core"
    > in who-knows-what directory ... A core of Netscape should be around 4Meg,
    > and I only have 15Meg available ... :)
    > Is there a kernel compile option to disable core dumps ? I am not
    > that interested to do much debugging using cores, not to mention that my gdb
    > complains when I try to load a core file ...

    This should be a feature of your shell. In bash, use `ulimit -c 0'. I'm
    not sure about csh.

    Version: 3.12
    GCS/M/L d- s-:+ a--- C+++(++)>$ UL+(++)>++++$ P+++ L+++>++++$ E++ W-(--)
    N++ o-- K-- w--- O- M-- V-- PS+++? PE Y+ PGP-- t+* 5- X R tv--? b+>+++ DI
    D--- G e-(*)>++++ h r++>+++ y?

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