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    SubjectRe: noatime support in kernel?
    > Ouch. Since the directory is already cached (you got the inode by reading a
    > directory, hopefully...), that change shouldn't make any difference.

    The directory caches are too small to help with news. Thats something we need
    to look hard at.

    > If you want direct access to the news storage, then it'd be better to drop
    > the idea of a file system entirely. There are better ways... for instance,
    > a bunch of huge cyclic files (one for each range of article expiry dates).

    Yep however in the meantime noatime is a huge win. If we ever go to a log based
    fs it will be superb (on a solaris box with logging ufs the log disk is
    basically jammed with atime updates on a big news server).


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