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SubjectRe: kernel oops in 2.0.23
I wasn't sure if this was worth reporting...but I just had a 2.0.23 box
reboot for no aparent reason. It's a P100, NCR 810 (using BSD driver),
48mb RAM, 3gb Seagate SCSI, 3c509b, usually headless. It does IRC
servers, bots, a mud, and handles part of our outgoing mailing list mail.
Nothing interesting was logged...just a few minutes of silence in the
logs, then a reboot. This was running 2.0.23 _with_ the ping I
doubt some win95 person crashed it. I use both softdog and
reset_on_panic, and have no idea which (if either) was responsible for the

The box has been totally stable until now. It's been in service several
months and it's where I compile the kernels for nearly all FDT systems.

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