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SubjectNaming conflict in sound drivers
I have been attempting to patch the version 2.1.5 sound driver sources
to allow compilation. I have succeeded with the "get_user" conversions
(at least those used by my configuration), but I found a pre-existing
usage of "copy_from_user" in audio.c at line 246 of my patched file.
This line gives me: macro `copy_from_user' used with too many (6) args.

The pre-existing "copy_from_user" is declared in "dev_table.h", included
from "sound_config.h".

Perhaps this local function should be renamed i.e. audio_copy_from_user??

One file I have not yet tackled is dmasound.c, which uses "get_user" inside
a macro definition at line 148: #define IOCTL_IN(arg) get_user((int *)

My limited C programming skills are puzzled also by:
dmasound.c:736: *p++ = get_user(userPtr++) ^ 0x80;
My configuration (Media Vision sound card with Sanyo CD) does not use this
file, but I am always interested in learning 8^)

Thanks to all who have made this educational experience possible.

Darrell A Escola

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